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Bonnie Jackson

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Professionals such as ExxonMobil Employees & Annuitants

Before you retire you must first closely examine your options and then make crucial decisions. We have the information to help you understand all your benefits, know your options, and make solid financial decisions moving forward. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you in completing your retirement package. We will help you smoothly transition into retirement by assisting you with the answers to the following questions:

❑ How should I respond to the “Notification of Diversification” letter regarding the ExxonMobil Savings Plan?

❑ Which distribution strategy is most advantageous to me?

❑ What are the advantages of a Pension Plan IRA rollover? 

❑ What are the advantages of the Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) income tax strategy?

❑ How can I avoid the IRS 10% early withdraw penalty for distributions taken before age 59 1/2?

❑ What is the IRS code 72(t) rule for IRA income distribution?

❑ What is the most appropriate life insurance option for my family? 

❑ How should I handle outstanding 401K loans?

❑ How can I reduce my investment risk during retirement year?

❑ When should I apply for Social Security benefits?

Investment services are offered by Bonnie Jackson through her affiliation with HD Vest.